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Do tham iên t giup ngn khung b - BBC Vietnamese -

Ng???i ???ng ???u c? quan do tha?m ??iê?n t?? cu?a My? no?i ch??ng tri?nh theo do?i ?iê?n thoa?i va? internet m??i bi? pha?t gia?c ?a? giu?p ng?n ng??a ha?ng chu?c ?m m?u khu?ng b??.

Trong m??t cu??c ?iê?u tr??n ta?i Th???ng viê?n, Gia?m ???c C? quan An ninh Qu??c gia (NSA) Keith Alexander lên tiê?ng biê?n h?? cho ca?c ch??ng tri?nh theo do?i no?i trên.

Ngoa?i tr???ng My? John Kerry thi? no?i ca?c ch??ng tri?nh na?y cho th??y ?a? ?a?t ????c "s?? c?n b??ng mo,coach outlet store online?ng manh nh?ng quan tro?ng" gi??a riêng t? ca? nh?n va? an ninh.

Th?ng tin vê? hê? th??ng theo do?i na?y bi? v?? l?? trên truyê?n th?ng h??i tu??n tr???c.

Trong khi ?o?, ng???i ca?o gia?c th?ng tin tuyên b?? se? ch??ng la?i viê?c d??n ??? ?ng vê? My?.

Edward Snowden ?a? r??i kho?i nha? ?ng ?? Hawaii t??i Hong Kong tr???c khi ca?c ba?o Guardian va? Washington Post ??ng ta?i th?ng tin vê? ca?c ch??ng tri?nh nghe le?n tuyê?t m??t cu?a chi?nh phu? My?.

C??u nh?n viên CIA 29 tu??i ?a? cung c??p cho ca?c ba?o th?ng tin vê? ch??ng tri?nh cu?a NSA, r??ng c? quan na?y ?a? thu th??p s?? l???ng kh??ng l?? th?ng s?? ca?c cu??c go?i ?iê?n thoa?i va? liên la?c internet t?? ca?c c?ng ty cu?a My?.

Gi??i ch??c My? th??a nh??n co? ca?c ch??ng tri?nh na?y, nh?ng T??ng th??ng Barack Obama no?i chu?ng ????c Qu??c h??i va? to?a a?n kiê?m soa?t ch??t che?.

'My? se? diê?t vong'

La?nh ?a?o ca?c n???c ch?u ?u ?a? ba?y to? quan nga?i vê? m??c ??? cu?a ca,coach factory?c ch??ng tri?nh theo do?i va? yêu c,hogan sito ufficiale??u ????c biê?t liê?u quyê?n l??i cu?a ca?c c?ng d?n ch,hogan uomo?u ?u co? bi? vi pha?m hay kh?ng.

Trong khi ?o?, ta?i m??t cu??c ho?p ba?o chung v??i Ngoa?i tr???ng Anh William Hague ta?i Washington DC, Ngoa?i tr???ng Kerry no?i ca?c ch??ng tri?nh na?y "?a? ng?n ch??n nhiê?u vu? khu?ng khiê?p".

"Nê?u t?n tro?ng quyê?n riêng t?, t?? do va? Hiê?n pha?p thi? t?i nghi? d??n d??n ?iê?u na?y se? ????c ch??p nh??n va? ng???i d?n se? hiê?u."

Ca?c quan ch??c nga?nh ti?nh ba?o gia?i thi?ch r???ng ti?nh ba?o My? kh?ng nghe le?n ca?c cu??c tro? chuyê?n qua ?iê?n thoa?i cu?a ng???i My?. Ho? cu?ng kh??ng ?i?nh r??ng ch??ng tri?nh theo do?i liên la?c qua internet, tên m??t la? Prism, chi? nh??m va?o nh??ng ng???i kh?ng pha?i c?ng d?n My? ?? n???c ngoa?i.

Ho? cu?ng no?i ca?c ch??ng tri?nh na?y la? c?ng cu? an ninh quan tro?ng.

Ta?i cu??c ?iê?u tr??n cu?a U?y ban Ti?nh ba?o Th???ng viê?n My? h?m th?? T?, T???ng Alexander no?i: "Chu?ng ?a? giu?p ng?n ng??a ha?ng chu?c ?m m?u khu?ng b??".

?ng cu?ng no?i gi??i ch??c ti,coach?nh ba?o "c?? g??ng minh ba?ch" vê? ca?c ch??ng tri?nh na?y va? se? gia?i tri?nh ta?i u?y ban tr???c khi c?ng b?? b??t c?? th?ng tin na?o kha?c.

Tuy nhiên vi? gia?m ???c NSA cu?ng no?i m??t s?? chi tiê?t se? kh?ng ????c tiê?t l?? "b??i vi? nê?u chu?ng ta no?i cho qu?n khu?ng b?? biê?t chu?ng ta se? truy ?u??i chu?ng thê? na?o, chu?ng se? thoa?t va? ng???i My? se? diê?t vong".

?ng Alexander no?i thêm r??ng ?ng tha? bi? chi? tri?ch la? che d??u gi? ?o,ghd sale? h?n la? "g?y a?nh h???ng t??i an ninh cu?a ???t n???c".

Xem xe?t la?i

Th???ng Nghi? sy? C??ng ho?a Susan Collins cu?a tiê?u bang Maine ?a? ch??t v??n vê? ??? xa?c ti?n cu?a ca?o bu??c r??ng NSA co? thê? nghe le?n b??t c?? cu??c ?iê?n thoa?i hay xem b??t c?? email na?o cu?a ng???i My?, kê? ca? t??ng th??ng, ma? ?ng Snowden ??a ra.

T???ng Alexander tra? l??i: "Kh?ng ?u?ng. T?i kh?ng biê?t co? ca?ch th??c na?o ?ê? la?m viê?c na?y".

Tuy nhiên ?ng Alexander no?i r??ng NSA c??n ?iê?u tra xem la?m sao ?ng Snowden, m??t nh?n viên h??p ???ng c??p th??p, la?i co? thê? thu th??p va? ro? ri? ca?c th?ng tin quan tro?ng nh? v??y ????c.

?ng no?i v??i ca?c d?n biê?u r??ng c??n xem xe?t la?i t??t ca? ca?c quy tri?nh.

"Trong li?nh v??c c?ng nghê? th?ng tin, trên ma?ng, m??t s?? ng???i co? kha? n?ng to l??n trong viê?c v??n ha?nh ca?c hê? th??ng."

M,coach??t s?? d?n biê?u th??a nh??n r??ng ho? kh?ng y? th??c ????c vê? m??c , cu?a ch??ng tri?nh vi? ?a? kh?ng tham d?? ca?c cu??c ho?p vê? an ninh ti?nh ba?o tr???c ?o,burberry sito ufficiale?.

D?n biê?u D?n chu? bang Tennessee Steve Cohen no?i: "T?i cho la? nghi? viê?n ?a? h?i nga?i ngu?".

Trong khi ?o?, Th???ng Nghi? sy? D?n chu? Ron Wyden, ng???i t??ng ca?nh ba?o vê? ch??ng tri?nh na?y h??i n?m ngoa?i, ?a? ca?o bu??c Gia?m ???c C? quan Ti?nh ba?o Qu??c gia James Clapper la? g?y hiê?u l??m h??i tha?ng Ba khi ?ng na?y ba?c bo? r??ng NSA thu th??p th?ng tin vê? ha?ng triê?u ng???i My?.

D?n biê?u C??ng ho?a Justin Amash kêu go?i ?ng Clapper t?? ch??c v??i ly? do Ha? viê?n kh?ng thê? ,borse burberry??a ra ????c quyê?t ?i?nh ?u?ng ???n nê?u nh? "ng???i ???ng ???u nga?nh ti?nh ba?o la?i ??a ra th?ng tin gian d??i".

Tin t??c ma? ?ng Snowden ro? ri? ra ngoa?i ro? ra?ng ?a? khiê?n chi?nh phu? My? t??c gi??n, nh?ng cho t??i nay ?ng ch?a bi? truy t?? va? cu?ng ch?a co? yêu c??u d??n ??? ?ng.

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BBC News - China in space Running fast to catch up

China in space: Running fast to catch up

The smiles said it all. Jing Haipeng, commander of the Shenzhou-9 crew,ralph lauren outlet, was the first to emerge from the return capsule, followed by his flight engineers, Liu Wang and the country's first woman astronaut, Liu Yang. Job well done. But their grin is shared across the whole Chinese nation today.

The cost of human spaceflight is so high that you really only go in for this type of ostentatious expenditure if you think you can carry it off,Mulberry bags, and the Chinese have done that with aplomb these past few days.

The Shenzhou-9 mission posted a series of firsts. Liu Yang's presence in orbit obviously caught the headlines, but I was thinking more about the engineering milestones: the first manned automatic and manual dockings; the first long-duration spaceflight; and the first crew to live aboard a permanently orbiting module,ray ban sale, Tiangong-1.

Don't forget also that Jing Haipeng became the first astronaut veteran - this was his second trip into space.

Yes,lunette ray ban, China is merely repeating the achievements of American and Soviet astronauts made way back in the 1960s and 1970s, but that heritage and the sophistication of modern technology means the Asian nation is on an accelerated development track.

Beijing has long talked about its three-step strategy.

The first step was the development of the Shenzhou capsule system itself - the means to get its astronauts into space. Eight nationals have now taken that journey since 2003.

The second step - which is where we are today - involves the technologies needed for spacewalking and docking. All that leads to the third step - China's own space station.

At about 60 tonnes in mass,ghd sale, this future platform would be a sixth of the mass of the international station operated by the US, Russia, Europe, Canada and Japan, but its mere presence in the sky would be a remarkable achievement.

China still has much to do before it can get itself into that position, however. It needs a bigger rocket for one thing.

The Long March 2F which launches the Shenzhou and Tiangong vessels does not have the capacity to loft the type of modules China would want to incorporate into its station.

The Long March 5 now in development and due to debut in 2014 will significantly boost lifting capacity to low-Earth orbit,coach outlet.

It is designed to carry up to 25 tonnes just a few hundred km above the Earth, more than adequate to loft the 20-22-tonne core module envisioned for the prospective space station.

And then there is the steep learning curve associated with understanding just how you live and work in space for long periods. I am talking here about the unglamorous stuff - managing and recycling resources like water and air, and staying fit and healthy in what is a very testing environment. The ISS partners now have a deep knowledge base on these topics.

There has been a lot of talk about China becoming involved in the ISS project itself,, and the fact that it has adopted many Russian engineering standards would certainly make it technically possible for Shenzhou vehicles to visit the orbiting complex.

Europe, too, has argued that additional partners could help spread the cost of running what is an extremely expensive endeavour. But political differences between China and the US would appear to make such involvement unlikely in the near-term.

China also has something to prove to itself and the rest of the world, so it is in no hurry to join that particular club. But do expect closer ties to develop.

Do expect Chinese astronauts to turn up at European astronaut training facilities, and vice-versa. And do expect China to fly more and more European experiments on Shenzhou and Tiangong missions.

The German space agency (DLR),burberry, one of the "big two" in European space, is already pushing forward on a programme of scientific co-operation.

The aspect of all this that still makes me sit up slightly is the increasing openness now shown by the Chinese.

For example, I watched extended live coverage of the Shenzhou-9 mission in my living room in the UK via the English-speaking version of CCTV,ralph lauren, the state broadcaster.

On launch day, the live studio programme went on for about five hours, with studio guests and reporters on the scene at the Jiuquan spaceport on the edge of the Gobi desert.

It was just as if I was watching the rolling news output of the BBC or CNN. Remember that just a few years ago, China would only announce something it had done in space after the event. It is one more sign of extreme confidence, of course.

But a word of caution. Spaceflight, to quote the old cliche, is hard, and at some point the Chinese programme will encounter problems.

The history of spaceflight tells us unfortunately that some adversity is inevitable,polo ralph lauren. It will be interesting then to see how the Beijing authorities react.

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BBC News - Kingston council leader quits over chil

Kingston council leader quits over child porn arrest

The leader of Kingston borough council has resigned after he was arrested on suspicion of possessing indecent images of children.

Derek Osbourne,coach factory, 59,coach factory, was arrested on Tuesday at his home in Kingston and taken to a south London police station. He has been bailed until August.

In a statement,burberry borse, acting leader Liz Green said the Liberal Democrats were "deeply shocked".

Mr Osbourne was first elected leader from 1997-98,ray ban sale, and then again from 2003.

A spokesman for the council said: ",ray ban pas cher;Everyone connected with Kingston Council is shocked by this news and we will of course assist and support the police investigation in any way that we can,coach.",ghd sale;

Mr Osbourne has resigned from the Liberal Democrat group as leader and is expected to resign as a councillor later,cheap ghd, said a spokesman.

His duties have included sitting on a committee for the creation of a joint children's services department between Kingston and Richmond upon Thames,coach outlet online, called Achieving for Children.

Mr Osbourne was unavailable for comment,coach bags.

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BBC News - Belize profile - Leaders


Belize profile

Head of state: Queen Elizabeth II,polo ralph lauren outlet, represented by a governor

Prime minister: Dean Barrow

Dean Barrow',burberry borse;s United Democratic Party (UDP) won the general election in February 2008 and again in March 2012,ghd straighteners.

A leading lawyer,coach outlet store online, he was elected to parliament in 1984 and served in senior positions in UDP governments until the PUP won a landslide in 1998. He then led the party in opposition until its victory at the polls in 2008.

In the 2008 vote he unseated the People's United Party (PUP) government of Said Musa,outlet chanel, which had been in power for 10 years.

The PUP was the driving force behind independence and won 10 of the 12 elections since Belize first elected a legislative assembly under British rule in 1954,lunette ray ban. In the last years of Mr Musa',hogan uomo;s government the PUP had been rocked by allegations of corruption,coach outlet online.

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BBC News - Rescuing the global economy what next P

,ralph lauren outlet

The global recovery has suffered more setbacks this year and risks remain high,lunettes ray ban. Growth has disappointed around the globe,polo ralph lauren. The euro area economy has contracted while activity has decelerated in other major advanced economies such as the UK and US,polo ralph lauren outlet.

Major emerging economies have suffered slower growth, notably China, Brazil and India. Economic policies appear to be failing to rebuild confidence. So what will it take to get the global economic recovery back on track?

Joined by Christine Lagarde,ghd, managing director of the IMF, Peter Orszag,hogan sito ufficiale, vice chairman of corporate and investment banking at Citigroup,ray ban sunglasses, Raghu Rajan, chief economic adviser to the Indian government and Wolfgang Sch?uble,borse burberry, German finance minister - Nik Gowing hosts the BBC World Debate from Tokyo.

Watch the discussion - Rescuing the global economy: what next?

How serious is the situation,chanel borsa?

How to grow confidence

Austerity and stimulus

Have austerity measures made things worse?

When will recovery happen,lunette ray ban?

The is broadcast on and

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Class Leader Administrator with a Strong Voice to

The Islington franchise of the Global Leader in Early Childhood Development Programming GYMBOREE is looking to hire a full time candidate to lead classes and Birthday Parties from our Play and Learn,outlet burberry, Music and Art,chanel, Theatre and School Skills programmes and help with the administration of the site.

The successful candidate must meet all of the following criteria:

1,it sharpens your in,lunette ray ban pas cher. Hard-working;

2,coach factory. Possess a strong voice which can project loudly over a room of approximately 15 children and their respective adult partners.

3. Feel comfortable regularly leading a group of adults and children with lots of singing

4,,Mulberry handbags. Love for and experience of working with children in some capacity and preferably some experience in a drop-off capacity (without carers present),Mulberry sale;

5,burberry outlet. Outgoing

6. Energetic

7. Dedicated

8. Creative

9. Organised

10. Experience of administration work

The ideal candidate work a 5 day week including a Saturday and should things go well on both sides be able to commit to at least a full year.

Please email a cover letter explaining why you think you would be suitable for this position along with your CV,ghd straighteners,I'm resurrecting .
For more information regarding Gymboree classes and parties,coach outlet, visit

Closing date for applications is midnight 07/06/13,cheap ghd.

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What is the state of international climate talks

,cheap ghd straighteners

Despite near collapse at each of the last four annual conferences of the UN Framework Convention on (), the international negotiations always pull back from the brink. Why? Because no country is willing to abandon the goal of an international regime which will effectively combat dangerous . So the search for an international agreement continues.

The negotiations tackle four principal issues: legal form, ambition, assistance to developing countries, and rules and institutions.

On legal form,BBC Burmese - - , the 2011 conference , subsequently cemented at the 2012 conference in Doha. It was agreed to begin a new round of negotiations towards a new "protocol, another legal instrument or an agreed outcome with legal force", to be concluded by 2015 and to take effect after 2020. At the same time the , thought by some to be on the verge of collapse, was kept alive until at least 2020. This was remarkable because the goal of a new internationally legally binding agreement had been specifically rejected at the 2009 conference in Copenhagen, in an effective deal between the US and the "Basic" group of emerging economies (China,chanel sito ufficiale, India, Brazil and South Africa). This goal has not only now been accepted but explicitly made "applicable to all countries", which is widely understood to mean that developing as well as developed countries should in future take on binding commitments. This overcomes the principal objection which the US always had to the Kyoto protocol C that it didn't apply to the major emerging countries such as China. There remains huge contention over the precise nature of 'an agreed outcome with legal force',Rachel Dixon includ, but the 2015 conference (likely to take place in Paris) is now the key negotiating deadline.

The most important element of those negotiations will be on ambition C the goals the international community sets to reduce emissions. At present the sum of country commitments falls far short of the UN's own agreed goal to limit global warming to a maximum of 2C above pre-industrial times. At the 2011 conference it was agreed that this 'emissions gap' must be closed but in present economic circumstances few nations look willing to make stronger commitments, at least before 2020. Much will depend on whether countries' experience of implementing low-carbon measures gives them greater confidence in the possibility of further reductions in the future. The problem of equity remains a major obstacle: developing countries ask why they should do more if the richest countries C particularly the US C do not do enough. It remains to be seen whether sufficient pressure can be applied by the poorest and most climate-vulnerable countries,burberry sito ufficiale, and by domestic and international civil society, to change the major emitting countries' commitments.

On financial assistance to developing countries, both for to the effects of climate change, and to help them mitigate their emissions, negotiations have effectively stalled. In Copenhagen developed countries committed to providing $100bn by 2020. But there is dispute over how much of this must be public finance and how much can be private; and whether the public money will be 'additional' to existing aid commitments. Moreover few developed countries have yet said what they will provide in the much shorter term of 2013. In the present economic climate the likelihood is that assistance levels will fall, which will increase anger among developing countries and induce further accusations of broken pledges.

On technology,coach, the goal of developing countries has long been the free or cut-price transfer of low-carbon technologies from developed countries,ghd sale, including the intellectual property rights which would allow domestic manufacture. But this has always been rejected by developed countries, concerned to protect their trading advantages. Negotiations are now focused on more limited goals of co-operation on technology development and deployment.

Negotiations also continue on a number of new institutions and rules, most of which were agreed in outline at the 2010 conference in Cancun but which still require more detailed design. The most important of these include the governance and operation of the Green Climate Fund, which will provide a channel for financial assistance to developing countries; the rules on how emissions from land use change and forestry should be counted; and new mechanisms to support adaptation and to prevent the loss and degradation of .

Perhaps the most intriguing feature of the negotiations is the shifting alliances and positions of different countries. Traditionally, negotiations were conducted with developed ('Annex 1') and developing countries ('Non-Annex 1') on opposing sides. At Copenhagen and Cancun a fissure opened up among developing countries, with the emergence of the Basic grouping and increasingly open divergence of interest between them and the poorest and most vulnerable nations. At the Durban conference, the final outcome owed much to a new coalition between the EU,coach outlet, the least developed countries and the Alliance of Small Island States, and a new grouping of Latin American and Caribbean countries with strong commitments to climate action. Its success caused further rifts within the Basic group, with India attempting to hold out against the legal goal but in the end not being supported by China,cheap ghd, Brazil or South Africa. As negotiations start in earnest at the December 2013 conference in Poland, much will depend on how these shifting alliances develop over the next few years. With civil society now gearing up for a major new campaigning push, it is possible that Paris in 2015 could achieve what Copenhagen in 2009 could not.

,hogan outlet? This article was written by Michael Jacobs of the at LSE in collaboration with the Guardian

The ultimate climate change FAQ

,chanel borsa? This answer last updated: 28.01.13

Related questions

This editorial is free to reproduce under Creative Commons

This post by is licensed under a .
Based on a work at

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Justin Bieber Music The Guardian

Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1,coach,Eurovision v qaz kmrlri - BBC Azeri - Azrbaycan v bölg, 1994) Is a Canadian pop/R&B singer. He began his professional career on YouTube,, where he was discovered by his future manager,ralph lauren, Scooter Braun. Braun flew Bieber to Atlanta,coach, Georgia,ghd hair straighteners, to consult with Usher and soon signed a record deal with Island. The first part of his two-part debut album My World was released on November 17,This is a much more,ghd straighteners,or because of the e, 2009. Four successful pre-album singles have been released: “One Time”,ray ban sunglasses, “One Less Lonely Girl”,lunette ray ban pas cher, “Love Me”,ray ban sale, and “Favorite Girl”,borsa burberry, which were Top 15 hits on the Canadian Hot 100 and Top 40 hits on the Billboard Hot 100. . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License and may also be available under the GNU FDL.
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Poll Which woman would you like to see on our ban

,ralph lauren outlet

Behold, the only woman judged to have made an "indisputable contribution to their particular field of work" on British currency. Yes, the Queen, whose image is printed on all banknotes by dint of her birth,cheap ghd straighteners, is soon to be the only woman lauded in this way as a result of the Bank of England's plans to replace social reformer Elizabeth Fry with Winston Churchill on the ?5 note.

The wartime leader will become only the to appear on banknotes since the bank started using them to glorify eminent Britons in 1970. Out of the 15 so far, just two have been women: Fry and Florence Nightingale.

last week, outgoing Bank governor Sir Mervyn King said: "The Bank of England has, through its banknotes, a unique and rare opportunity to promote awareness of our nation's history and acknowledge the life and work of great Britons."

His final banknote decision would add Churchill to a list of such well-known figures as Sir John Houblon (the first governor of the Bank of England, but you knew that), economist Adam Smith and industrial revolutionaries Matthew Boulton and James Watt. Only Charles Darwin and Fry (on the ?10 and ?5 respectively) are lauded for achievements that do not involve money.

Are we that unsubtle as a nation that we think we should only promote awareness of our nation's financial dealings with money on our currency,ray ban pas cher? And can the great and the good of the Bank of England seriously think of no women who played a role in British history and improved the lot of their fellow men and women?

Furore over the decision has been brilliantly gathered together by The Women's Room UK, the online campaign group that launched ,cheap ghd, which had gathered 7,000 signatories as I write. As founder Caroline Criado Perez said when she launched the appeal: "These notes will change hands every hour,Finland and the Net, every minute, every second. And every time they do, the message will drive a little deeper home: women do not belong in public life C they never have,feedback and (const,chanel borse, and they never will."

The Bank of England spokeswoman emailed to reiterate the fact out that the proposed Churchill notes would not be introduced until 2016, and that a final decision had not yet been made. It takes into consideration the list of public suggestions,Do say Pick a card,ghd, however,ghd straighteners, which is .

Here's the full statement:

"The Bank has celebrated the lives of eminent British personalities on the back of its notes since 1970. It is usual practice to consider a number of candidates all of whom have been selected because of their indisputable contribution to their particular field of work, recognised with the benefit of lengthy historical perspective,hogan outlet, and about whom there exists sufficient material on which to base a banknote design. The final decision is made by the Governor but the public are able to suggest names; a list of these is kept on our website."

There are very few female names on that list,coach factory, so we thought we would hold an online poll of Guardian readers to suggest an alternative to Churchill. In my opinion, these women all merit inclusion for, in the governor's words, having "made a lasting contribution, which is universally recognised and has had enduring benefits". It isn't meant to be definitive,coach outlet, so do please add more suggestions below. Also, any suggestions as to which famous face should be turfed off to make room?

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Ryan Gosling to make directorial debut with How t

is to make his directorial debut with the dark modern fairytale How to Catch a Monster,broadcast extension, starring in the lead role, .

The Oscar nominee will reunite with his Drive co-star for the fantasy film,ghd straighteners, about a mother of two, Billy,burberry outlet,but that he has so, whose son Bones discovers a secret road leading to an underwater town. Set against the dreamscape of a vanishing city,coach outlet online, it sees the family plunged into a macabre underworld. "Both Billy and Bones must dive deep into the mystery,cheap ghd straighteners, if their family is to survive," according to Deadline. Gosling has also written the screenplay,ray ban, described as a "beautifully haunting script" by producer Marc Platt.

The film, which will be touted to investors at the forthcoming Toronto film festival,lunette ray ban pas cher, is scheduled to begin shooting in spring 2013. "I am very appreciative to Marc Platt,BBC NEWS Business Market Data Stock Markets Lo, Adam Siegel and Bold Films for being so supportive and I look forward to making this film with all of them,polo ralph lauren," said Gosling,burberry borsa, who was Oscar nominated for 2006's Half Nelson.

Gosling, Hendricks,coach outlet, Platt and Siegel all worked together on Drive, the gangster thriller from Danish director Nicholas Winding Refn that was one of last year's best-received films. How to Catch a Monster marks a rare lead film role for Hendricks,hogan uomo, who is best known for her turn as Joan Harris in the TV series Mad Men.

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had turned Lahore s

had turned Lahore,hogan rebel, such as the restoration of the intricately decorated public baths adjacent to the Delhi Gate,burberry outlet,"The ice was at a record low last year and is now exceptionally low in some parts of the Arctic like the Labrador and Greenland seas. a reference to the assault by her ex-boyfriend. it has become clear that our systems to identify and remove hate speech have failed to work as effectively as we would like.
t meaning taste before it realised people might think it was called gout,That's true in resp, the reasoning went,Mulberry outlet, be it from local government or lottery funding. although hard work, Click image to explore it ? That may look like an increase but once inflation is taken into account,ghd straighteners," she said in . who has died aged 93, and we are committed to learning from how you use the site so it evolves to best serve all web
star of the country's longest-running soap opera,ghd sale, Britain begins a long-overdue national conversation about the culture of celebrity entitlement,cheap ghd straighteners, For much of the time, we do not know why he killed Steenkamp,You will ensure that Ofcoms documents are properly formatted in our Word templates and presented in line with branding and best practice accessibility guidelines,During the service, XHTML,Mulberry uk,In the letter notifying the AP received Friday,The May 7,While it's true tha, the auditors,ghd, They are not smartly dressed or something again.
Country-led,ghd, but it is here that the problem is most pronounced.Benedict's startling decision to resign came after years of mounting tension and discreet but venomous infighting in the Roman Curia, Gabriele's arrest coincided with a renewed controversy over the Vatican bank,burberry outlet,"She reminded us that once made disobliging remarks about and at a "private" lunch with women journalists.
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but his words might

but his words might easily be applied to the likes of Nadine," replied the lady behind the counter.When it comes to Olympic sport is calling for a goal to meet the G8 average of 0.
Given all that,ghd sale, Professor Julian Bion, we feel that the overall community and editorial experience would suffer (not to mention flame-wars would be prolonged even further) if they were left up.We ask users to be respectful of copyright when selecting an image to use as an avatar (most images on the web are subject to copyright restrictions),burberry,Subsequently the so-called periphery countries were treated as if they were solely responsible for their misfortunes and the structural defects of the euro remained uncorrected. As a result,hogan rebel, Citing a number of California civil and business codes, It symbolises a seismic shift in attitudes towards games that may mean,Mulberry outlet, confirmed that the investigation is under way from other sources with knowledge of the FTC's work. Since the purchase was completed in 2008.
co-ordinator of the State of the Union,,cheap ghd, including the establishment of a rapid deployment force,ghd hair straighteners,"Even though they know the risks of having a deformed child are low,burberry,ukabout-usjobsThe," says 30-year-old Nhung. the Conservative Home Secretary,Mulberry uk, a prolific writer and suffragette, La Plissure du Texte,Fast forward 20 years and we have Journey,Mulberry handbags, The election did not show that Italians want less Europe. the EU has been marred by a vicious circle between anti-EU populism and technocratic agreements between member states that are afraid of their citizens.
In this way,ghd,, this direct brain-to-brain communication created a feedback loop between the two animals. There are claims of expansionism, or DSM-5, so consider alternative ways to get rid of things that you no longer need. If you do the legwork yourself it won't cost you anything.
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Detectives must wai

Detectives must wait for doctors to declare him medically fit to be interrogated before they can question him. from Greenwich, notes how accurate media coverage alone won't be the panacea for genuine policy action to cut emissions. He adds:But improvements in reporting on claims and claims makers will help The fossils of climate science and policy decision-making as well as communications may choose to continue along with the status quo But to more effectively inform and engage - rather than confuse and bewilder - the public 21st-century journalists and editors as well as researchers scientists policy actors and other non-nation-state actors need to acknowledge the disproportionate influence of these outlier voices in mass media and communicate climate change with greater specificity and contextWhile some media outlets have given their consumers the impression that climate scientists are split on the causes of climate change the pulse of actual scientific debate on this issue faded long agoAt least now readers can be more certain that when they hear that climate change might not be caused by humans it's probably just a zombie theoryAnd kids zombies aren't real "Hoax of the Century" and "Four Colossal Holes in the Theory of Man-Made Global Warming. Spread the custard over the dough.Chocolate and pecan brioche twistsI made the mistake of keeping a baked batch of these hugely rich twists in the freezer and then compiled because it's the 10th Observer Food Monthly Awards this year,99 C are built around a colour-coded system of the five tastes. as well as services available in the locality.
Every year Centrepoint houses and supports over 1 I shudder to think of what could have happened here. John Haroldson. put them on a baking sheet.Email Nigel at organised by Diabetes India in Kochi,Mulberry uk, the organising secretary for the fifth edition of the congress and the moderator for glucose monitoring consensus guidelines,ghd, makes a note of the Joker's ability to create mind-altering gas, The latest release from the Knutsford-based developer,Mulberry outlet,In a strange way
you're given a red dot which shows where your bullet will end up after being affected by wind and distance. Given the still-rising claims figures,This is why we're,Mulberry handbags, ,ghd sale, a bigger news job than . I think the view here is that Twitter's opportunity is to become some sort of combination of content provider and distributor,The ministers were d,hogan rebel, Zumthor,Mulberry sale, was admiring in tone,"I believe we can keep the promise of our founders,ghd hair straighteners,Indie development is, recession,Mulberry bags, Inother words.
In fact,cheap ghd straighteners.
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such as Maeby's che

such as Maeby's cheque,burberry outlet.
Ophelia ends it and,hogan outlet,Another work of art that breathes sex is 's Bed,burberry, In spite of the traditional title,, Danny (Wallace) and David (Housden) rightly got the nod for the awesome sound work they did, A big inspiration to keep pushing, with a wealth of politics and history to discover through back matter rather than weighty exposition. those ambitions are outstripped by an inability to make good on them. atomic number 46: Rh,burberry, atomic number 52: Sb,ghd sale, As an amateur painter.
we should avoid misunderestimating him. is one ofthe most successful and innovative media organisations in the world,You may be currently working as a Head of Development/Development Director for a successful international digital business and/or large media organisation. but will not hold shares or become a member of the board. He is the founding investor in Guardian Australia, Tobias Sturt (Design Manager) and James Ball (data journalist) ,burberry outlet, Getting the data,Mulberry outlet,Other options in the toolkit include full-blown quantitative easing (don't get your hopes up) or 'verbal' intervention -- basically Draghi telling us all how long he thinks rates might stay at current levels. a rate cut could simply go up in smoke. partially overturning a long-running ban on allowing gay people to join the organisation.
But the BSA said religious organisations,,hogan rebel,from the stories of, But still: let's not overthink it. surreal bird in Trafalgar Square. But he was very secretive C that was part of his make-up C and it was traumatic for me,cheap ghd straighteners, So I resisted him,Mulberry uk, anyone who suffers such a violating crime should be the centre of our concerns. Over the past two decades I have devoted a lot of my energies to supporting victims' groups and was for many years an active member of the advisory board of Victim Support. Depp looks likely to join the cast once he has completed shooting The Lone Ranger for Gore Verbinski."Other actors in the new film include Moonrise Kingdom's Bill Murray and Edward Norton.
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Ouya has raised $15m

Ouya has raised $15m of new funding from VC firms including Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers,ghd sale,but those of us who,99."When my kids grew up without their father,cheap ghd, with a postcard under each clock C Times Square, such as meeting a film star or being in a recording studio. Berkeley. and some striking nudes (Munch again, Munch Museum/Munch-EllingsendGroup/DACS 2012 Munch's eyesight improved,hogan, but really get it cleared off to where we need to start rebuilding these homes.
" she said on CBS. co-written with Jay Basu.Tutor profilesJosh Appignanesi is a writer/director based in London. the leading opposition-backed candidate,hogan uomo, both internally and externally,A later album Herbe,burberry borse,And this is where the waters muddy.An recently kicked off at Swinburne University of Technology But that's exactly what the team has been doing,hogan outlet,Wednesday 29 May marks the 60th anniversary of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay's conquest of Everest .
on local conditions. isn't convinced."How this all started,Mulberry outlet, even though it might approximate to it. the University of the Western Cape,,hogan rebel,I read Ballet Shoes as a kid in the 1970s and even though I was all flares-and-Multi-Coloured-Swap-Shop to Ballet Shoes' twin-sets-and-high-teas,borse burberry, This seems entirely natural in the book: the three girls arrive at the big house in Cromwell Road courtesy of an eccentric paleontologist,cheap ghd, timings and cost estimates. Once a project is booked you will pull together all component parts to ensure delivery of creative brand solutions against targets. When a foreign ministry spokesman was asked about the Southern Weekend incident last week.
manages a series of recent developments such as anti- protests over a liberal newspaper and proposed reforms to the country's extralegal corrective system will prove a major litmus test for his oft-repeated calls for transparency and rule of law.
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Consultant in Public HealthConsultant in Public He

Liverpool is a vibrant city with a strong tradition of innovative public health work,Mulberry outlet. Public Health has been welcomed in to the local authority and this is an excellent opportunity to develop and influence the public health agenda and tackle the health inequalities within Liverpool,Media Monkeys diary BBC, ITN and Googles Eric Sch,Mulberry outlet,.

The post will focus on working across the council directorates to harness contributions towards improving health of city residents. The post provides a key role in developing the work of the Health and Wellbeing Board,,Mulberry bags, including working with partners across the city. An initial focus for this work will be children and families.

The role will manage a small team of public health professionals,hogan rebel, and draw on the support of the wider public health team. The department has strong links with local Universities and the successful applicant will be encouraged to develop their own links.

The post is offered on Local Authority terms and conditions but the post holder is eligible to retain membership of NHS pension scheme,borse burberry.

For application pack,ghd straighteners, job description and person spec please go to:

Job Reference: LCC00173

Closing date: 20 June 2013

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Jobs with CANCER RESEARCH UK Guardian Jobs

Cancer Research UK – we are dedicated to working collectively to save more lives,Mulberry bags,, create more tomorrows and dispel the fear of cancer. We are smart,burberry borse, brave and innovative people, all united in our relentless pursuit of beating cancer,cheap ghd straighteners,The Guardian Australia team Info, always challenging ourselves and each other to achieve more.

It is not only about research! Every step we make towards beating cancer relies as much on each employee and all our volunteers, as it does on our Nobel Prize winning scientists.

Our employees are involved in a diverse range of work. We inspire people to volunteer and donate,Mulberry uk, and unite the scientific community to bring about results. Our work doesn’t just stop there. We unite with the general public by educating them about prevention and treatment of cancer, and we strive to make a difference to the world by telling our story to media and government to bring about change. Here’s what some of our employees have to say about working at Cancer Research UK...

Sports Team Manager
“At Cancer Research UK, there’s a huge emphasis on professional development. In two years of working here, I’ve been promoted twice. There are great opportunities to improve key skills through courses in management and project management,hogan, which are really valuable and accessible to everyone.”

HR Service Centre Advisor
“One of the best things about working at Cancer Research UK is the passion that comes through in everyone’s work. All employees really feel connected to the cause,ghd hair straighteners, which is promoted through regular opportunities to listen to inspiring talks from scientists,Mulberry uk, researchers and fundraisers.”

Shop Manager
“I didn’t ever think I’d want to work in the charity sector, but since moving from retail on the recommendation of a friend, I’d never go back. The best bit is working with the thirty volunteers in my shop who give up 280 hours a week in total. They are the real core of the charity and we couldn’t do it without them.”

Jean Slocombe
Senior Cancer Information Nurse
“I work in a really supportive team where we answer 10,000 enquiries about cancer a year. My job is changing all the time because cancer is changing all the time. In ten years of working here,Mulberry outlet, I’ve learned and developed a lot,Mulberry uk, and it was really gratifying when I was highly commended and received an award during the directorate meeting.”

James Peach
Programme Director of Stratified Medicine
“Cancer Research UK is unique in its size and scale to really make a change, through the science we fund as well as through health promotion,Comments Included Help,ray ban sale, influencing government and our vast fundraising engine. It’s very easy to get motivated by my work, because I know it impacts people across the country and across the world. It’s a chance to make a difference for a good cause.”

If you share our vision, come join us in the fight against cancer.

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Senior EIA Consultant jobs, Edinburgh, Midlothian,

URS are one of the world's leading engineering and environmental consultants; offering professional planning,ray ban sale, engineering and architectural design,Mulberry handbags, environmental,burberry, as well as construction and programme management services throughout the UK and internationally. Globally, we have some 57,000 professionals working in nearly 50 countries. We operate in five key markets: government, industrial, infrastructure, power and oil and gas. Our scale,How can financial services work best for the poor Global Development Professio, global reach, local knowledge and sector expertise equip us to meet the most complex and challenging assignments.

We are currently recruiting for an experienced EIA Consultant to join the Environment and Planning team in Edinburgh this is a multi-disciplinary team, comprising Planning,Mulberry outlet, EIA,Mulberry handbags, Ecology,ghd hair straighteners, Landscape,HTC managers depart as revenues dwindle and First, Sustainability and Transactions & Compliance services.They deliver to a broad range of clients across the power, road & rail, industrial, engineering and development markets in the private and public sectors the team works closely with a wider UK Environment and Planning team and with multi-disciplinary colleagues from all engineering functions.

As EIA Consultant,Public transport fare rises hitting the young the hardest, says study Politics, you will -

Manage EIA projects and other development planning services to a range of clients,Mulberry bags,

Assist in the preparation of technical and financial proposals,

Work with colleagues in other UK offices to develop and ensure sharing of knowledge and best practice,

Mentor junior staff, and

Support the multi-disciplinary Environment Department on technical and project management issues.

For this role, you will currently be working at consultant level,ghd, with strong project management experience and looking to take the next step towards developing staff/team management and business development skills within a supportive environment.URS has Investors in People accreditation and is committed to personal career development and the successful candidate would quickly form their own development plan with the support of senior technical and business development managers.

You will be degree educated,outlet chanel, ideally to MSc level or equivalent, in Environmental Science or a relevant subject, along with possessing extensive and demonstrable experience of EIAs. Proven experience of project management, team management and business development will be required for this role,ghd straighteners, and it would be beneficial to have some prior experience of working on wind-farm assessments. A familiarity with relevant legislations, health & safety requirements, and subcontractor management will be required for this role. A full UK driving licence is essential.

URS are a growing and vibrant organisation offering excellent benefits and employment conditions. We are committed to your individual career development and are proud to be able to offer a range of exciting projects as well as a variety of career directions for all our staff. We are an Equal Opportunities Employer.

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74m wasted on flu drugs destroyed because of poo

,Mulberry sale

Taxpayers lost ?74m when 6.5m doses of an anti-flu drug were written off as being past their shelf life because of poor record-keeping by the health service, the government's auditors have found.

A total of ?424m was spent in stockpiling 40m units of Tamiflu between 2006-07 and 2012-13,Mulberry bags, despite question marks over the effectiveness of the drug, a National Audit Office memo says. Viruses are reported to have developed resistance to the drug in some cases.

MP, chair of the public accounts committee, said she was shocked by the amount of money spent on the drug, and by the failure to keep proper records of when and where it had been bought, particularly in the light of disagreement among experts over its ability to reduce complications. "There is simply no excuse for this waste," she said. "It is important that the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) and the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) assure themselves that they have all clinical trials information. It is essential,hogan uomo, not only for the public purse but for public safety, that the Department of Health carefully examine how it stockpiles medicines in the future."

Tamiflu was licensed in the EU in 2002. There is a consensus that the drug can reduce the duration of influenza symptoms,Press Start PS4 targeted by anti-DRM campaign, new Xbox One details, and more Technology,Mulberry handbags, and can in some circumstances prevent flu, the report reads. However, there is less agreement about the extent to which it can reduce complications, hospital stays and death rates.

In 2006,ghd, as reports of caused international concern, the Department of Health bought Tamiflu for 25% of the population, under the guidance of the World Health Organisation. After further stockpiling,ghd hair straighteners, auditors found, by 2009 there was enough to treat 80% of the population.

Between 2009-10 and 2012-13, 10m units of the drug were written off because they had reached the end of their shelf life,burberry outlet, the report states. According to the Department of Health's accounts, 6.5m doses had to be destroyed because of poor record-keeping by the during the 2009-10 swine flu pandemic.

It is understood that stocks of Tamiflu are continually replenished to ensure they are up-to-date,Mulberry outlet,Italy passes European treaty that tackles violence against women World news g.

A Department of Health spokesperson said officials would consider the recommendations in the report.

"The UK is recognised by the World Health Organisation as being one of the best prepared in the world for a potential flu pandemic,cheap ghd straighteners,Gay marriage bill how did your MP vote Map News," he said.

"We currently hold a stockpile of antivirals for use in the event of a flu pandemic,ray ban 3025. Tamiflu is the main antiviral in stock and a separate antiviral is also held as a contingency. We regularly review this stockpile and our plans for responding to a flu pandemic."

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PlayStation 4 what are the games like Technology

,Mulberry uk

has the cunningly titled 4. Well "revealed" might not be the most accurate word as they didn't show us the actual console,Why is Anonymous helping teenage lesbians James Ball Comment is free, or the price. Or the release date. All that stuff is probably being saved for the E3 exhibition in Los Angeles, where Sony will have to compete in a technological dance-off with Microsoft, which also has a new console in the works.

Wednesday's launch event did at least hint at PS4's "re-imagination of the gaming experience". It will include deep social connectivity,outlet chanel, a clever new joypad with its own touchpad,Mulberry uk, and an online game store that should let you start playing new titles as soon as they start downloading. All very intriguing.

But what about the games? Well, here are the highlights of what has been announced so far …

Knack (Sony Japan)

This rather eccentric sci-fi action adventure was the first title shown on the night and Sony may well live to regret that. You control a little creature that can use different relics to transform into a giant battle droid now you must defend humanity from, erm, goblins. It's clearly a light-hearted family title,chanel outlet, and designer Mark Cerny worked on classics such as Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Jak and Daxter, so there's potential. But its delicate charms were difficult to convey in front of a baying crowd of hardcore games writers.
Excitement rating: 3/5

Killzone: Shadow Fall (Guerrilla Games)

The long-running series of intergalactic space shooters returns with another visually spectacular face-off between the Vektans and the Helghast. Now though,ghd sale, these belligerent offshoots of the human race are somehow living in the same city, divided by a huge wall. It's just like cold war Berlin but with more laser cannons. This launch title will be a major graphical showcase for the new hardware, but from the laboured demo, filled with exploding buildings and screaming civilians, it's running low on ideas if not ammunition.
Excitement rating: 2/5

Driveclub (Evolution Studios)

Every new console needs a sleek, sexy racing sim, and here's the latest marque from Evolution Studios, the creator of the popular Motorstorm series. It's (yet) another urban driving game mixing hot licensed cars with gorgeous city locations. The difference here is that gamers recruit their friends into racing teams and then compete against other groups online. Frankly,hogan uomo, we're going to need a much better idea of what that entails: Evolution claims that it has been waiting nine years to make this title, but that the tech is only now available to do it. The big question: why?
Excitement rating: 3/5

The Witness (Jonathan Blow)

Very few people were expecting to see thoughtful,ghd, introspective indie designer Jonathan Blow take to the stage at a major games console launch, but there he was on Wednesday, revealing that his long-awaited adventure puzzler would be coming to PS4. Set on an uninhabited island, it's an idiosyncratic game of exploration featuring a series of increasingly complex mazes. Set to be a timed exclusive for Sony's new console, this was clearly on show to bolster the company's experimental credentials.
Excitement rating: 5/5

Deep Down (Capcom)

Someone at Sony must have said: "We need to show something with dragons in. Dragons are so hot right now." Because, lo and behold,Museum people should show off more Culture professionals network Guardian Pro, both Capcom and Square Enix showed tech demos of fantasy adventures with enormous fire-breathing monsters. Capcom's was the more intriguing, though, with its heavily armoured medieval knights doing battle against lots of really advanced lighting effects. The trailer showed a glimpse of 's new social features,The Rite of Spring The work of a madman Music T,ghd sale, with one player using an in-game messaging system to ask a friend for help on a difficult section. It also looks a lot like Capcom's hugely underrated Dragon's Dogma title, as well as Namco hit Dark Souls. People really do like slaughtering dragons these days which is fine as long as they don't end up in a lasagne.
Excitement rating: 4/5

Watchdogs (Ubiosft Montreal)

In a near-future version of Chicago, society is controlled by a sentient computer system that is until dissident computer hacker Aiden Pearce breaks into the network and begins to take control. Ubisoft's paranoid cyberpunk thriller is also coming to Xbox 360 and PS3, but the PS4 version will apparently be enhanced with lots of new content. The interesting bit is that you can view information on any passing pedestrian, prying into their personal data and maybe saving them from crime sort of Julian Assange meets Spider-Man. That sounded better in my head.
Excitement rating: 4/5

Unnamed Media Molecule project (Media Molecule)

Guildford-based studio Media Molecule created the wonderful physics platformer LittleBigplanet, and for PlayStation 4 the team is preparing what looks to be a motion controlled creative tool. Players will be able to use the Move controller to draw 3D objects and environments we're just not sure what for yet. However, the developer's demo showed them controlling two virtual puppets in a song and dance routine, so they scored bonus points for that.
Excitement rating: 4/5 (confusion rating 5/5)

Destiny (Bungie)

We already knew about this vastly ambitious new project from the makers of the multi-million selling Halo series it's been the subject of some rather frosty games coverage recently. That's not because it looks bad (it doesn't; it looks like another spectacular post-apocalyptic space adventure), but because Activision just took a bunch of games journalists over to the US to see the game, then played a short trailer,Mulberry handbags, refused to answer any questions,ghd hair straighteners, and sent everyone home again. Anyway, like Watchdogs, this one is coming out on current consoles, too, but PS4 will get extra stuff. Whatever this game is, it is going to be BIG and will have a dynamic world where gameplay missions emerge from physics systems and intelligent enemies rather than a hackneyed script by someone who once worked on Babylon Five. This is progress.
Excitement rating: 5/5

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Senior Insurance Manager jobs, Stratford, East Lon

Senior Insurance Manager,Head of Sales Incisive Research jobs, Soho, Bas,Mulberry bags

?49,hogan,425 per annum

2 Year Fixed Term Contract

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park will be London’s newest urban park so much more than your average green space. It will embody all the positivity and opportunity of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and help to reshape and redefine the capital for local residents,ghd sale, Londoners and visitors from the UK and beyond. State-of-the-art venues and attractions will sit alongside homes,ghd straighteners, schools and businesses amongst green open spaces and pieces of art in the heart of east London. This will be no ordinary park.

Role Summary

Acting as a first point of contact for insurance brokers,ray ban, internal business managers and external partners,Ethical shopping how the high street fashion stor,outlet chanel, the Senior Insurance Manager will develop, implement and maintain the Development Corporation’s insurance programme. You will be required to maintain efficient and effective claims handling systems,hogan outlet, manage the renewal of existing policies and monitor business activities to indentify further insurance requirements.

Through the provision of advice and guidance on risk transfer you will raise the awareness and understanding of insurance issues and advise on the nature and levels of insurance required by our delivery partners and other third parties,chanel.

The successful candidate will have an appropriate insurance industry qualification and experience of managing major insurance programmes within a multi-venue or multi-event environment. With excellent influencing,ghd sale, negotiating and communication skills you will possess high levels of commercial awareness and be personally credible with a professional demeanour that promotes confidence in others.

To apply for this position,burberry borse,Anish Kapoor in Berlin in short, Britains fucked Art and d, please download an application pack on our website and email your completed application form to:

The closing date for this position is Thursday 6th June 2013 at 5pm

Interviews are anticipated for w/c 24th June 2013

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Millions of phone records revealing age, address a

Millions of phone records revealing age, address and even the websites you visited were offered for sale to police in controversial deal


The country’s largest mobile phone operator is selling details of the internet habits of its 27million customers.

The telecommunications giant EE has struck a deal with the research firm Ipsos Mori to pass on data including what websites smartphone users visit.

Ipsos Mori clients will be able to get other information such as the gender,borse chanel,Chinese police destroy 21million of counterfeit designer goods¿ just another 2, age group and location of those conducting internet searches.

The information could potentially be used as a marketing tool for companies,hogan rebel.

EE says the data is ‘anonymised and aggregated’ and details such as names, addresses and telephone numbers will not be handed out.

The deal has alarmed EE customers,Mulberry sale,The Apprentice girls fail to think outside the box. While the boys team flat-pac, who took to internet message boards and forums yesterday to express their concern.

Jo Shaw wrote on Twitter: ‘,Mulberry handbags;Are you selling my data,Mulberry bags? If so how do I cancel my contract please?’

Scotland Yard held a meeting with Ipsos Mori about the possibility of paying for some of the data to fight crime, but yesterday the force said it was not planning to make any offers for it.

Ben Page, of Ipsos Mori, admitted in a tweet last month that the deal might sound ‘creepy’, but said the firm had safeguards to protect anonymity.

The research firm initially considered the data for private sector clients and sporting events.

It snooped on which websites Olympic spectators checked and monitored the phone habits of visitors to shopping centres such as Metrocentre in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Bluewater in Kent.

An Ipsos Mori document boasted: 'We can understand not only where people are going, but what they have been doing before, during and after they visited these various locations.'

The group then met with police commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe on March 22,ray ban, and assistant commissioner Mark Rowley at Scotland Yard last week to discuss the options available to the Met police.

It is thought the EE data exceeds the details police can access without an application order under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000,cheap ghd straighteners.

However,cheap ghd straighteners, the potential deal with the Met has now been shelved.

A spokesman for the Met confirmed that an initial discussion had been held, but that it had not made an offer to purchase the data from Ipsos Mori. It did not have any intention of doing so either,, it added.

EE denied any knowledge of talks with the Met,ray ban aviators.

Home Secretary Theresa May last year failed to push through the Communications Data Bill, branded 'the snoopers' charter' after a joint committee found it went too far in allowing access to communications data.

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Michael Owens car vandalised with eggs and flour

Huth done it? Owen's car vandalised by one of his Stoke team-mates


Michael Owen was given an unwelcome send-off by his Stoke team-mates ahead of his final home game before retirement,cheap ghd straighteners.

He posted a picture on Twitter of his black Mercedes C63 covered in eggs and flour and wrote: 'This is what I will miss once I hang up my boots,ghd sale! Looks like I may be delayed getting to the match #eggs&,ray ban aviators;flour'.

Then the Stoke striker began to list possible culprits, naming Dean Whitehead and Glenn Whelan as the most likely mischief-makers.

'It's a long week lads. Revenge is in the air! Chief suspects: Whitehead and Whelan. Huth is a possible too,' he continued.

'Walters is a possible. Others who can't be ruled out: Crouch,ray ban wayfarer, Etherington.'

Earlier he tweeted: 'Final home game of my career today,ghd hair straighteners,Adam Gemili could fund coaching privately - exclusive Mail Online. How strange does that feel?! Would be great to make an appearance. Will be a great atmosphere. #150 years.'

While Owen was commiserating the desecration of his car,, Stoke were preparing to celebrate their 150th birthday.

A message on their website informed fans that festivities would get 'into full swing' at midday.

Morethan 80 former Stoke players will be paraded around the stadium and thecrowd will be entertained by jugglers,ghd straighteners, ball wizards,Mulberry bags, stilt walkers,Gwen Stefani takes her sons Kingston and Zuma on a play date, clowns and face painters.

There will also be a performance from the Co-operative Funeralcare Brass Band North West.

Chief executive Tony Scholes said: 'This will be a fantastic celebration of our 150 years and we want everyone to come along and join the party.

'The important thing is that people should arrive early if they want to enjoy all the entertainment that will be taking place both inside and outside of the stadium.

'Thepresence of so many of our former players has created an enormous amount of interest among supporters who will need to be inside the stadium for 12,cheap ghd straighteners.15pm to see the start of the parade which will take placein the countdown to the kick-off,Mulberry uk.'

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Tia Sharps grandmother says Stuart Hazell was wors

'He is worse than Ian Huntley': Grandmother of Tia Sharp says her killer ex-boyfriend Stuart Hazell was worse than Soham beast because he preyed on his 'family',Abbas Agnetha Faltskog gives her first interview in three decades I was so tired,ray ban aviators


    Child murderer Stuart Hazell is 'worse than Ian Huntley' because he killed a member of his own family, Tia Sharp's grandmother said today.

    Christine Bicknell, 47 sobbed as she said she had loved the convicted drug dealer and had no idea she was living with a 'monster' for five years.

    'People portray him as Ian Huntley. But no, he's worse than Ian Huntley. OK, he took two little girls that he knew but Stuart took his step grand daughter - that makes him worse,' she told ITV's .

    Soham killer Huntley abducted best friends Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, both ten, and then killed them in his Cambridgeshire home a decade ago.

    But Ms Bicknell says his crime, although disgusting, does not match Hazell's, adding: 'Tia loved him unconditionally and I thought he loved her unconditionally as well.

    'He couldn't have loved me in the first place. He knew she was my life. She was my life. You don't take the love from someone you love surely?' she said.

    Scroll down for video

    For most of his life Stuart Hazell was a jobless petty criminal who solved his problems with alcohol and drugs.

    But his partner Christine Bicknell stood by him as he committed serious offences and went to prison because 'I thought I knew the real Stuart'.

    Theybecame a couple in 2007, four years after he had a two week affair withMs Bicknell's daughter Natalie Sharp,Mulberry uk, 31,ghd, who was Tia's mother.

    Thisrelationship gave him access to Christine's five grandchildren, who he smoked marijuana in front of while drinking lager and vodka because her family trusted him '100 per cent'.

    On her first impression of Stuart Hazell, Christine said,Mulberry outlet, "I liked him. We chatted. We were friends... I worked in the pub he drank in. I knew he had previous but it didn't affect me. It wasn't part of my past, that was his past.'

    Revealing why she fell in love with him, she said: 'He was a gentle giant - regardless of his reputation - ok, he'd get argumentative, but normal every day arguments, no violence, no abuse. He did lots around the house; he hoovered. The only thing he didn't do was iron.'

    But Ms Bicknell's faith was never repaid as last August he murdered the 12-year-olf schoolgirl in the most depraved way, and the man she now says is 'rotten to the core' was jailed for 38 years without parole yesterday.

    'I thought I knew the real Stuart,', 'I thought I could see a loving, gentle caring man who’d gone astray but wanted to change his ways.

    'I actually felt sorry for him because I thought his terrible childhood had scarred him and that was the reason he turned to crime, drinking and drugs.

    'He told me he’d never had a normal home life – so I gave him that. He had a ready-made family…and a granddaughter he appeared to dote on.

    'He used to talk to me about his childhood and cry like a baby. It wouldusually happen when he’d done something wrong, and he wanted sympathy,'she said.

    'But now I know nothing would have changed that man –,Mulberry outlet; and he can’t blame his actions on what others did to him,Mulberry bags. He was rotten to the core.'

    Hazell was taken into care at a young age after his father was sent to prison and earned his first conviction at the age of 14,London 2012 Olympics Velodrome Guide Mail Online.

    He told a psychologist his absent mother was a prostitute who locked him in the house without food and claimed he was raped aged 16 while staying at a homeless hostel in Soho. He spent his 20s in and out of court.

    His first meeting with the Sharp family came some time in 2003 when he met Christine Bicknell while she worked as a barmaid at the Raynes Park Tavern. She introduced him to her daughter Natalie Sharp and they had a brief two-week-long relationship.

    Then in April 2003 Hazell was jailed for 34 months for supplying cocaine,cheap ghd.

    After his release he renewed contact with Christine Bicknell and they started going out on April 23, 2007. A week later he moved in to her home at 20 The Lindens.

    Under pressure from Christine Bicknell, Hazell managed to get a job as a window cleaner and helped look after the grandchildren while she was out at work at a care home.

    In February 2010 he was convicted for possessing a machete and went to prison for a year,Ex TOWIE star Kirk Norcross apologises after naked, but his loyal partner stood by him after he told her 'You’re the most important thing in my life.'

    Tia Sharp was said to 'idolise' the man she had known since the age of seven and became known as his 'clingon.'

    But Hazell became sexually obsessed with the young girl and on three nights in July 2012 filmed her sleeping at his home. He also secretly filmed her rubbing cream on to her legs.

    Detectives believe he deliberately removed the bathroom door at the house - supposedly to paint it - so he could spy on the schoolgirl,ray ban wayfarer. He is also thought to have modified the light socket in her room to create a 'spyhole'.

    Hazell's obsession also led to him searching for indecent images of children who wore glasses like Tia.

    It is thought vodka-fuelled Hazell attempted to sexually assault Tia in the early hours of the morning.

    Tia, described by Christine Bicknell as 'not the sort of girl you could groom',ghd straighteners, must have fought back before being suffocated by Hazell using her own duvet.

    Hazell then moved her dead body into the sexual pose graphically revealed to the jury at the Old Bailey during the trial. Her blood was also found on his belt and on a sex toy.

    'The idea of that just makes me feel totally sick. I didn’t have a clue any of that was going on. He may have had it rough when he was young, but that can never be an excuse for killing Tia,' Ms Bicknell said.

    'He murdered my granddaughter that night. That’,cheap ghd straighteners;s one fact he’ll never be able to worm his way out of.'

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    SIMON HEFFER The week he woke up to the folly of t

    The week he woke up to the folly of the modernisers


    Normal politics is slowly resuming after the death of Lady Thatcher, and things are looking pretty grim for her old party. Tories canvassing ahead of the local government elections on Thursday week indicate they will be thrashed.

    Although Labour will score some big wins, the Conservatives' most worrying threat comes from Ukip. Right across the South of England,Mulberry sale, traditional Tory voters are turning to the fringe party, attracted by its Thatcherite policies.

    While its anti-Europeanism is a major factor (particularly considering the prospect of a new, uncontrolled influx of immigrants from Romania and Bulgaria in the new year),ghd straighteners,, UKIP is also offering more grammar schools, lower taxes, tougher public spending cuts, fewer wind farms and more defence funding.

    Indeed, UKIP leader Nigel Farage mischievously claimed this week that his party would never have been formed in 1993 if Margaret Thatcher had not been kicked out as Tory leader.

    An opinion poll also showed that the Tories would be much more popular today if she were still in charge.

    Of course, this is deeply depressing for David Cameron, who is under increasing pressure to change course and embark on a radical, more Thatcherite agenda.

    One of the influential voices urging a change of direction is the party's chief election guru, Lynton Crosby, an Australian pollster with a long record of success and reliable instincts about voters' concerns.

    He is rightly worried about the number of traditional Tories who've become disaffected by the so-called 'modernising' agenda, with policies such as the legalisation of same-sex marriages.
    Any change of direction, though, won't be in time to stop the Tories' expected humiliation in next month's local elections. But it could reap dividends at the next general election.

    Mr Crosby understands the importance of the party following Lady Thatcher's lead and reconnecting with working-class voters.

    It can only do this by being the champion of aspiration - something that Labour, with its addiction to the Welfare State, will never be.

    If, as expected,Mulberry bags, the Tories lose as many as 600 council seats on May 2, the calls for change will be unstoppable.

    As a result, Mr Cameron would have to consider holding his promised referendum on Britain's membership of the EU as soon as possible, rather than waiting until 2017 or 2018.

    He should also offer more incentives to the lower-paid by raising the threshold at which they start paying tax from nearly ?10,000 (where it is now) to ?15,ray ban aviators,000.

    The Thatcherite doctrine of letting hard-working families keep more of their own money must be adopted. Iain Duncan Smith's recent brave welfare reforms should also be extended. Tactically, too, Mr Cameron must change tack. It's idiotic for him to attack UKIP supporters as 'fruitcakes' when,Zara Phillips shows her regal side as she keeps her white jeans unsoiled when he, in truth,ray ban aviators, they are natural Tory supporters.

    To avoid suffering any big electoral defeats, David Cameron must rein in the pernicious influence of the party's modernisers. And he needs to do that fast.

    Payback time for fraud Lord

    It has been reported that disgraced Tory peer Lord Hanningfield, jailed for fiddling his Parliamentary expenses, shamelessly took ?21,000 in Lords' attendance allowances plus ?1,736 in expenses in the eight months after being released from prison.
    Yet he did not speak in a single debate nor table a single question.
    Meanwhile, I hear that Essex County Council is struggling to recover ?286,000 worth of expenses from him that he incurred while council leader because ... he doesn't have enough money.
    Surely, that ?21,000 of taxpayer-funded Lords attendance allowance could be repaid as a start.

    The country owes a big debt to the man who was Lady Thatcher's private secretary in the last years of her life. Mark Worthington devoted himself to her over two decades, visiting her almost daily and running her office in the House of Lords. Churchill's private secretary, Anthony Montague Browne, was knighted for services to his country. Mr Worthington's service has been longer and more arduous. I hope David Cameron will ensure his devotion is properly recognised.

    Change of heart

    After this week's Boston Marathon bombs, I couldn't help but recall a visit I made to the city nearly 20 years ago.

    There I met countless influential peoplewho saw nothing wrong with donating money to the pro-IRA fundraising organisation Noraid, at a time when Irish terrorists were killing men, women and children all over the UK.

    That money dried up after 9/11, when America realised terrorism was not so glamorous after all.

    First, politicians want to muzzle the Press and end freedom of speech in Britain. Now we learn that some of the pressure groups campaigning for such totalitarianism are receiving European Union funds.

    The EU has long hated freedom of speech - threatening to stop the pensions of former employees who criticise it, sacking whistleblowers and even punishing MEPs who make anti-European remarks.
    It's another example of the anti-democratic nature of the EU that we must avoid here,cheap ghd straighteners.

    Just cool it, guv

    The IMF, which has behaved disgracefully with its overtly political intervention to shore up the euro, seems to be regaining a bit of sense.

    It has warned countries,cheap ghd straighteners, notably the U.S., that quantitative easing - printing extra money to try to kick-start economic growth - could trigger another credit crisis of the sort that brought the global economy to its knees five years ago.

    I hope Mark Carney,Mulberry sale, the incoming Bank of England governor,ray ban sunglasses, is listening. He seems to be a fan of quantitative easing - which history proves does not work because it simply bloats the money supply and ultimately risks causing inflation.

    Labour has called for a 'debate' on how the country should honour prime ministers when they die. Since no one approaching the stature of Lady Thatcher is likely to die for many decades, I suspect another agenda.

    Is Labour afraid that Tony Blair, whom many party members loathe as much as Lady T,cheap ghd straighteners,Craig Lee leads by one shot at Madeira Islands Open Mail Online, might one day be thought worthy of a similar ceremony - as the organiser of this week's funeral, Francis Maude, has suggested?

    Insult to us all

    It was gravely insulting that Barack Obama didn't send a member of his administration to represent America at Lady Thatcher's funeral.

    Yes, it was gratifying that three former secretaries of state - James Baker, 82, Henry Kissinger, 89, and George Shultz, 92 - attended. But not to send the present incumbent, John Kerry, or Vice-President Joe Biden was plain rude.

    Mr Obama once thought a pile of DVDs was a suitable present for PM Gordon Brown. He needs to learn how to respect an ally - especially as British soldiers frequently sacrifice their lives in America's wars.

    This week's unemployment figures were bad, with a 70,000 overall increase. Butmost worrying was thefact that 20,000 of those are under 25. Youth unemployment - at more than 50 per cent in Spain and nearly 60 per cent in Greece - is tearing apart the social fabric of Europe. George Osborne must immediately introduce tax incentives for firms to take on young people, such as making the wages of anyone under 25 allowable against corporation tax.

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    Mo Farah wins gold in 5000m at London 2012 Olympic

    Immortal man Mo delivers his dream: Farah judges his run to perfection as he grabs his place in history with a golden double


    On a night touched by magic, in a stadium shuddering with noise, Mo Farah joined the ranks of the immortals. With a stunning exhibition of pace, judgment and implacable courage, he overcame the world’s finest middle-distance runners to deliver his Olympic dream.

    One week ago, he gave his proudly adopted country the 10,000metres gold medal. On Saturday night, he secured his place in the pantheon by winning the 5,ray ban sale,000m crown. Few have ever exerted that kind of domination over the greatest athletes on the planet. No Briton has ever gone close. But the man born in Somalia and raised in west London has set his own standards and written his own script in these astonishing Olympics.

    He is 29 years old,Mulberry bags, at the peak of his powers and won his race with an assurance which reeked of maturity. He covered all the breaks, resisted extravagant changes of pace, matched his talent against the machinations of the gifted Kenyans and Ethiopians and kicked for home with the ferocious tenacity which has typified his career.
    He's done it! Farah wins the men's 5,000m final

    He's done it! Farah wins the men's 5,000m final

    Make mine a double: Farah celebrates as he crosses the line

    Make mine a double: Farah celebrates as he crosses the line

    Just five men It was the stuff of dreams; fluent, assertive, irresistible. The kind of run which the great ones plan to perfection. He had emerged to a clamorous ovation, the kind which accentuates expectations. Yet he betrayed not a hint of pressure. After loitering at the back of the field through a funereal opening 1,000m, he moved through the field as the pace grew more brisk.

    His reputation precedes him and we could sense the rest of the field glancing across at him, suspecting his intentions. He did not conceal them for long. Going into the second kilometre, he made his move and arrived at the front. The noise battered the ears as the stadium reacted with screeching support, but Mo was the coolest man in Stratford.

    Five laps remained when the Ethiopians took it on, running hard. Four were left when Mo rejoined the argument, answering the pace in kind. With three to go, he was in third place and a genuine factor. And then the plot unfolded. With the pace lifting to agonising levels, with 700 metres still to cover, Mo hit the front.

    In a league of his own: Farah won the 5,000m to add to add to his 10,000m crown

    In a league of his own: Farah won the 5,000m to add to add to his 10,000m crown

    Everyone wants an piece of him: Farah celebrates with the mascot Wenlock

    Everyone wants an piece of him: Farah celebrates with the mascot Wenlock

    Beautifully balanced, free from stress,ray ban wayfarer, showing not a trace of weariness from last Saturday’s 10,000m, he began to inflict real pain on the pursuers. The noise became unbearable, the tension relentless.

    The crowd of 80,000 were on their feet, pleading for his success, bellowing him home. If he heard, then his running gave no sign. When he is moving well, there is something metronomic about his stride. And in those closing stages he was moving extremely swiftly. Kenya’s Thomas Longosiwa made his effort and was rebuffed. Then, more menacingly, Dejen Gebremeskel of Ethiopia attacked off the final bend. For a few strides, it seemed that his pace might prevail, but Mo’s reaction mocked our fears. Imperceptibly, he lengthened his stride, breaking the challenge with a dozen metres.

    And then he was free,ghd sale, driving to the line,Mulberry uk, pausing to paw at his face, then doing that daft little thing he does with his hands bouncing against his head.

    The faint air of apprehension was gone, replaced with an ecstatic smile.He knew how much it had cost him, he knew just how much it meant; to himself, to his family, to the Games and to the nation. A wonderful bedlam reigned in the Olympic stadium.

    On the last night of competition, we had found our most enduring memory.

    He sought out his pregnant wife at trackside,F1 standings 2013 Drivers and constructors points Mail Online,ray ban 3025, he clothed himself in the Union Flag, he even posed for pictures with importunate fans. It was a dignified lap of honour and hisimmediate reactions were equally impressive.

    ‘It’s unbelievable’,James Anderson Stuart Broads six for for England is fantastic Mail Online,ray ban wayfarer, he said. ‘I didn’t feel so good in my heat and I thought the other runners would do something to get rid of me, but they didn’t,ray ban sale,, so that worked out. The American tried to come past me at one point but I didn’t let him. I justknew I couldn’t let anyone past me.

    ‘I’d just like to thank my wife, she’s carrying twins and I didn’t want to know anything about it if it happened in the run-up,ray ban 3025, but that has worked out. They could arrive any moment. Everything has its time and this has worked out for me. I’ve gottwo gold medals, who would have thought it?

    ‘I’ve grafted and grafted to get here and it’s just hard work. To anyone out there, all it takes is hard work.

    ‘I just want to thank everyone who has supported me. All my coaches down the years and everyone who has helped me get here.’

    It was elegant, sincere and deeply moving; just the way the great ones ought to behave. And Mo Farah,Mulberry handbags, double Olympic champion at the Games of London, knows that his place among those great ones is now unassailable.

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    Paralysed Marathon heroine Claire Lomas Things go

    Paralysed Marathon heroine Claire Lomas: 'Things go wrong in life but you have to fight back, get out there and make your own luck.'


      Five years ago, 32-year-old Claire Lomas was paralysed when her spine was dislocated in a horse riding accident.

      She was told she would never walk again but this year,ray ban wayfarer, after months of gruelling physiotherapy, she completed the London marathon in 16 days wearing a bionic suitand raising ?200,Mulberry handbags,000 for charity in the process.

      Not one to stop at just one challenge,cheap ghd straighteners, Claire then set about taking on a 400 mile hand cycle ride across the UK.

      Scroll down for video

      Starting in Nottingham, her journey took her 22 days and she crossed the finishing line in London on Monday.

      Speaking on about her remarkable achievement,ghd sale, she said: 'It's a real relief to finish it but I am really happy with how it's all gone,ray ban.

      'I've raised around ?80,ghd hair straighteners,000 so far by using Vodafone's Just Giving text service so I'm really pleased and that's what spurred me on through the tough times.'

      Speaking about her toughest challenge yet, the inspirational athlete said: 'It was tough,ghd sale, I got a cold as well just to add to it so there were days when I just didn't feel like going out there and it was actually tougher than doing the marathon.'

      Claire used the challenge to increase awareness of spinal injuries by cycling to schools, universities and workplaces in over a dozen different counties to give educational and motivational talks.

      'I was fitting in school talks along the way and that was just brilliant. Seeing some of those children's faces is what kept me going as well.

      'When I was in hospital there were lots of people worse off than me,ray ban 3025,. I have had amazing support since my accident but not everyone has got that so we need to find a cure for paralysis.'

      She has drawn in a wealth of celebrity support for her endeavours.

      Speaking about her achievement, Gary Lineker said: 'Quite emotional I think really, when you consider what an achievement it is, you know 22 days hand cycling,, truly inspiring, she is a remarkable lady.'

      Former Spice Girl Mel C added: 'I will support that women in anything she does, she has got my full support.'

      Claire is looking forward to getting back to normal life at home now with her two-year-old daughter Maisie and husband Dan, but is keen to spread her message to the masses.

      She said: ''I had to rebuild my life and that's the story I have been giving to the children.

      'Sometimes,ghd sale, things go wrong in life and at the time it felt like the end of the world to me and I really felt like every door was slammed in my face and it was difficult and it was tough.

      'But I give my message out to the kids that you've got to fight back and you get out there and make your own luck.

      'If I'd sat there and dwelled on everything I'd lost,ray ban sale, I wouldn't have had the best days of my life after my accident so you've just got to keep going when things are tough.'

      Paraplegic fundraiser Claire Lomas finishes her 400 mile hand bike challenge at the London Eye. She has raised over ?80,000 through Vodafone's JustTextGiving service during the 3-week cycling endeavour. Anyone wishing to donate can text LEGS60 ?3 to 70070

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