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Do tham iên t giup ngn khung b - BBC Vietnamese -

Ng???i ???ng ???u c? quan do tha?m ??iê?n t?? cu?a My? no?i ch??ng tri?nh theo do?i ?iê?n thoa?i va? internet m??i bi? pha?t gia?c ?a? giu?p ng?n ng??a ha?ng chu?c ?m m?u khu?ng b??.

Trong m??t cu??c ?iê?u tr??n ta?i Th???ng viê?n, Gia?m ???c C? quan An ninh Qu??c gia (NSA) Keith Alexander lên tiê?ng biê?n h?? cho ca?c ch??ng tri?nh theo do?i no?i trên.

Ngoa?i tr???ng My? John Kerry thi? no?i ca?c ch??ng tri?nh na?y cho th??y ?a? ?a?t ????c "s?? c?n b??ng mo,coach outlet store online?ng manh nh?ng quan tro?ng" gi??a riêng t? ca? nh?n va? an ninh.

Th?ng tin vê? hê? th??ng theo do?i na?y bi? v?? l?? trên truyê?n th?ng h??i tu??n tr???c.

Trong khi ?o?, ng???i ca?o gia?c th?ng tin tuyên b?? se? ch??ng la?i viê?c d??n ??? ?ng vê? My?.

Edward Snowden ?a? r??i kho?i nha? ?ng ?? Hawaii t??i Hong Kong tr???c khi ca?c ba?o Guardian va? Washington Post ??ng ta?i th?ng tin vê? ca?c ch??ng tri?nh nghe le?n tuyê?t m??t cu?a chi?nh phu? My?.

C??u nh?n viên CIA 29 tu??i ?a? cung c??p cho ca?c ba?o th?ng tin vê? ch??ng tri?nh cu?a NSA, r??ng c? quan na?y ?a? thu th??p s?? l???ng kh??ng l?? th?ng s?? ca?c cu??c go?i ?iê?n thoa?i va? liên la?c internet t?? ca?c c?ng ty cu?a My?.

Gi??i ch??c My? th??a nh??n co? ca?c ch??ng tri?nh na?y, nh?ng T??ng th??ng Barack Obama no?i chu?ng ????c Qu??c h??i va? to?a a?n kiê?m soa?t ch??t che?.

'My? se? diê?t vong'

La?nh ?a?o ca?c n???c ch?u ?u ?a? ba?y to? quan nga?i vê? m??c ??? cu?a ca,coach factory?c ch??ng tri?nh theo do?i va? yêu c,hogan sito ufficiale??u ????c biê?t liê?u quyê?n l??i cu?a ca?c c?ng d?n ch,hogan uomo?u ?u co? bi? vi pha?m hay kh?ng.

Trong khi ?o?, ta?i m??t cu??c ho?p ba?o chung v??i Ngoa?i tr???ng Anh William Hague ta?i Washington DC, Ngoa?i tr???ng Kerry no?i ca?c ch??ng tri?nh na?y "?a? ng?n ch??n nhiê?u vu? khu?ng khiê?p".

"Nê?u t?n tro?ng quyê?n riêng t?, t?? do va? Hiê?n pha?p thi? t?i nghi? d??n d??n ?iê?u na?y se? ????c ch??p nh??n va? ng???i d?n se? hiê?u."

Ca?c quan ch??c nga?nh ti?nh ba?o gia?i thi?ch r???ng ti?nh ba?o My? kh?ng nghe le?n ca?c cu??c tro? chuyê?n qua ?iê?n thoa?i cu?a ng???i My?. Ho? cu?ng kh??ng ?i?nh r??ng ch??ng tri?nh theo do?i liên la?c qua internet, tên m??t la? Prism, chi? nh??m va?o nh??ng ng???i kh?ng pha?i c?ng d?n My? ?? n???c ngoa?i.

Ho? cu?ng no?i ca?c ch??ng tri?nh na?y la? c?ng cu? an ninh quan tro?ng.

Ta?i cu??c ?iê?u tr??n cu?a U?y ban Ti?nh ba?o Th???ng viê?n My? h?m th?? T?, T???ng Alexander no?i: "Chu?ng ?a? giu?p ng?n ng??a ha?ng chu?c ?m m?u khu?ng b??".

?ng cu?ng no?i gi??i ch??c ti,coach?nh ba?o "c?? g??ng minh ba?ch" vê? ca?c ch??ng tri?nh na?y va? se? gia?i tri?nh ta?i u?y ban tr???c khi c?ng b?? b??t c?? th?ng tin na?o kha?c.

Tuy nhiên vi? gia?m ???c NSA cu?ng no?i m??t s?? chi tiê?t se? kh?ng ????c tiê?t l?? "b??i vi? nê?u chu?ng ta no?i cho qu?n khu?ng b?? biê?t chu?ng ta se? truy ?u??i chu?ng thê? na?o, chu?ng se? thoa?t va? ng???i My? se? diê?t vong".

?ng Alexander no?i thêm r??ng ?ng tha? bi? chi? tri?ch la? che d??u gi? ?o,ghd sale? h?n la? "g?y a?nh h???ng t??i an ninh cu?a ???t n???c".

Xem xe?t la?i

Th???ng Nghi? sy? C??ng ho?a Susan Collins cu?a tiê?u bang Maine ?a? ch??t v??n vê? ??? xa?c ti?n cu?a ca?o bu??c r??ng NSA co? thê? nghe le?n b??t c?? cu??c ?iê?n thoa?i hay xem b??t c?? email na?o cu?a ng???i My?, kê? ca? t??ng th??ng, ma? ?ng Snowden ??a ra.

T???ng Alexander tra? l??i: "Kh?ng ?u?ng. T?i kh?ng biê?t co? ca?ch th??c na?o ?ê? la?m viê?c na?y".

Tuy nhiên ?ng Alexander no?i r??ng NSA c??n ?iê?u tra xem la?m sao ?ng Snowden, m??t nh?n viên h??p ???ng c??p th??p, la?i co? thê? thu th??p va? ro? ri? ca?c th?ng tin quan tro?ng nh? v??y ????c.

?ng no?i v??i ca?c d?n biê?u r??ng c??n xem xe?t la?i t??t ca? ca?c quy tri?nh.

"Trong li?nh v??c c?ng nghê? th?ng tin, trên ma?ng, m??t s?? ng???i co? kha? n?ng to l??n trong viê?c v??n ha?nh ca?c hê? th??ng."

M,coach??t s?? d?n biê?u th??a nh??n r??ng ho? kh?ng y? th??c ????c vê? m??c , cu?a ch??ng tri?nh vi? ?a? kh?ng tham d?? ca?c cu??c ho?p vê? an ninh ti?nh ba?o tr???c ?o,burberry sito ufficiale?.

D?n biê?u D?n chu? bang Tennessee Steve Cohen no?i: "T?i cho la? nghi? viê?n ?a? h?i nga?i ngu?".

Trong khi ?o?, Th???ng Nghi? sy? D?n chu? Ron Wyden, ng???i t??ng ca?nh ba?o vê? ch??ng tri?nh na?y h??i n?m ngoa?i, ?a? ca?o bu??c Gia?m ???c C? quan Ti?nh ba?o Qu??c gia James Clapper la? g?y hiê?u l??m h??i tha?ng Ba khi ?ng na?y ba?c bo? r??ng NSA thu th??p th?ng tin vê? ha?ng triê?u ng???i My?.

D?n biê?u C??ng ho?a Justin Amash kêu go?i ?ng Clapper t?? ch??c v??i ly? do Ha? viê?n kh?ng thê? ,borse burberry??a ra ????c quyê?t ?i?nh ?u?ng ???n nê?u nh? "ng???i ???ng ???u nga?nh ti?nh ba?o la?i ??a ra th?ng tin gian d??i".

Tin t??c ma? ?ng Snowden ro? ri? ra ngoa?i ro? ra?ng ?a? khiê?n chi?nh phu? My? t??c gi??n, nh?ng cho t??i nay ?ng ch?a bi? truy t?? va? cu?ng ch?a co? yêu c??u d??n ??? ?ng.

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BBC News - China in space Running fast to catch up

China in space: Running fast to catch up

The smiles said it all. Jing Haipeng, commander of the Shenzhou-9 crew,ralph lauren outlet, was the first to emerge from the return capsule, followed by his flight engineers, Liu Wang and the country's first woman astronaut, Liu Yang. Job well done. But their grin is shared across the whole Chinese nation today.

The cost of human spaceflight is so high that you really only go in for this type of ostentatious expenditure if you think you can carry it off,Mulberry bags, and the Chinese have done that with aplomb these past few days.

The Shenzhou-9 mission posted a series of firsts. Liu Yang's presence in orbit obviously caught the headlines, but I was thinking more about the engineering milestones: the first manned automatic and manual dockings; the first long-duration spaceflight; and the first crew to live aboard a permanently orbiting module,ray ban sale, Tiangong-1.

Don't forget also that Jing Haipeng became the first astronaut veteran - this was his second trip into space.

Yes,lunette ray ban, China is merely repeating the achievements of American and Soviet astronauts made way back in the 1960s and 1970s, but that heritage and the sophistication of modern technology means the Asian nation is on an accelerated development track.

Beijing has long talked about its three-step strategy.

The first step was the development of the Shenzhou capsule system itself - the means to get its astronauts into space. Eight nationals have now taken that journey since 2003.

The second step - which is where we are today - involves the technologies needed for spacewalking and docking. All that leads to the third step - China's own space station.

At about 60 tonnes in mass,ghd sale, this future platform would be a sixth of the mass of the international station operated by the US, Russia, Europe, Canada and Japan, but its mere presence in the sky would be a remarkable achievement.

China still has much to do before it can get itself into that position, however. It needs a bigger rocket for one thing.

The Long March 2F which launches the Shenzhou and Tiangong vessels does not have the capacity to loft the type of modules China would want to incorporate into its station.

The Long March 5 now in development and due to debut in 2014 will significantly boost lifting capacity to low-Earth orbit,coach outlet.

It is designed to carry up to 25 tonnes just a few hundred km above the Earth, more than adequate to loft the 20-22-tonne core module envisioned for the prospective space station.

And then there is the steep learning curve associated with understanding just how you live and work in space for long periods. I am talking here about the unglamorous stuff - managing and recycling resources like water and air, and staying fit and healthy in what is a very testing environment. The ISS partners now have a deep knowledge base on these topics.

There has been a lot of talk about China becoming involved in the ISS project itself,, and the fact that it has adopted many Russian engineering standards would certainly make it technically possible for Shenzhou vehicles to visit the orbiting complex.

Europe, too, has argued that additional partners could help spread the cost of running what is an extremely expensive endeavour. But political differences between China and the US would appear to make such involvement unlikely in the near-term.

China also has something to prove to itself and the rest of the world, so it is in no hurry to join that particular club. But do expect closer ties to develop.

Do expect Chinese astronauts to turn up at European astronaut training facilities, and vice-versa. And do expect China to fly more and more European experiments on Shenzhou and Tiangong missions.

The German space agency (DLR),burberry, one of the "big two" in European space, is already pushing forward on a programme of scientific co-operation.

The aspect of all this that still makes me sit up slightly is the increasing openness now shown by the Chinese.

For example, I watched extended live coverage of the Shenzhou-9 mission in my living room in the UK via the English-speaking version of CCTV,ralph lauren, the state broadcaster.

On launch day, the live studio programme went on for about five hours, with studio guests and reporters on the scene at the Jiuquan spaceport on the edge of the Gobi desert.

It was just as if I was watching the rolling news output of the BBC or CNN. Remember that just a few years ago, China would only announce something it had done in space after the event. It is one more sign of extreme confidence, of course.

But a word of caution. Spaceflight, to quote the old cliche, is hard, and at some point the Chinese programme will encounter problems.

The history of spaceflight tells us unfortunately that some adversity is inevitable,polo ralph lauren. It will be interesting then to see how the Beijing authorities react.

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BBC News - Kingston council leader quits over chil

Kingston council leader quits over child porn arrest

The leader of Kingston borough council has resigned after he was arrested on suspicion of possessing indecent images of children.

Derek Osbourne,coach factory, 59,coach factory, was arrested on Tuesday at his home in Kingston and taken to a south London police station. He has been bailed until August.

In a statement,burberry borse, acting leader Liz Green said the Liberal Democrats were "deeply shocked".

Mr Osbourne was first elected leader from 1997-98,ray ban sale, and then again from 2003.

A spokesman for the council said: ",ray ban pas cher;Everyone connected with Kingston Council is shocked by this news and we will of course assist and support the police investigation in any way that we can,coach.",ghd sale;

Mr Osbourne has resigned from the Liberal Democrat group as leader and is expected to resign as a councillor later,cheap ghd, said a spokesman.

His duties have included sitting on a committee for the creation of a joint children's services department between Kingston and Richmond upon Thames,coach outlet online, called Achieving for Children.

Mr Osbourne was unavailable for comment,coach bags.

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BBC News - Belize profile - Leaders


Belize profile

Head of state: Queen Elizabeth II,polo ralph lauren outlet, represented by a governor

Prime minister: Dean Barrow

Dean Barrow',burberry borse;s United Democratic Party (UDP) won the general election in February 2008 and again in March 2012,ghd straighteners.

A leading lawyer,coach outlet store online, he was elected to parliament in 1984 and served in senior positions in UDP governments until the PUP won a landslide in 1998. He then led the party in opposition until its victory at the polls in 2008.

In the 2008 vote he unseated the People's United Party (PUP) government of Said Musa,outlet chanel, which had been in power for 10 years.

The PUP was the driving force behind independence and won 10 of the 12 elections since Belize first elected a legislative assembly under British rule in 1954,lunette ray ban. In the last years of Mr Musa',hogan uomo;s government the PUP had been rocked by allegations of corruption,coach outlet online.

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BBC News - Rescuing the global economy what next P

,ralph lauren outlet

The global recovery has suffered more setbacks this year and risks remain high,lunettes ray ban. Growth has disappointed around the globe,polo ralph lauren. The euro area economy has contracted while activity has decelerated in other major advanced economies such as the UK and US,polo ralph lauren outlet.

Major emerging economies have suffered slower growth, notably China, Brazil and India. Economic policies appear to be failing to rebuild confidence. So what will it take to get the global economic recovery back on track?

Joined by Christine Lagarde,ghd, managing director of the IMF, Peter Orszag,hogan sito ufficiale, vice chairman of corporate and investment banking at Citigroup,ray ban sunglasses, Raghu Rajan, chief economic adviser to the Indian government and Wolfgang Sch?uble,borse burberry, German finance minister - Nik Gowing hosts the BBC World Debate from Tokyo.

Watch the discussion - Rescuing the global economy: what next?

How serious is the situation,chanel borsa?

How to grow confidence

Austerity and stimulus

Have austerity measures made things worse?

When will recovery happen,lunette ray ban?

The is broadcast on and

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